Integrated Health Services

The companies of the ALL NATIVE GROUP offer solutions that improve efficiencies, enhance workflow and reduce operating costs in clinical and administrative healthcare and health research settings. Our professionals offer a wide range of expertise to support and assist customers with timely and accurate management of materials and missions.

ALL NATIVE GROUP companies can provide these services:

  • Clinical decision support
  • Computerized physician order entry systems
  • Electronic health records
  • Health information systems
  • Records management
  • Life cycle management and planning
  • Point-of-care information systems
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Training
  • Cold-chain and supply chain management
  • Picture archiving and communications
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse and facilities management

Past Performance Highlight

We provided critical mission support to an Armed Forces vaccine distribution operation, including detailed records management, documentation, and personnel training for cold-chain supply management, storage, and delivery of time and temperature-sensitive vaccines to military posts in the U.S. and around the world.